Brazilian Yarn for Braids High-Quality Acrylic wool for Hair Jumbo Braids, Senegalese Twist / Wraps Natural / Knitting Hair, Natural Blonde Color Yarn for Hair Braids, Natural Blonde Color Yarn for Hair Knitting, Set for Hair Braids, Sexy Long Hair Braids

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Product description

❤ Exclusive! ... Your Style dictates fashion!
You are that in what you love to shape-shift to- a beautiful charismatic Chameleon.
You love the colors, You love the change and your hair!
Your Amazing Hair is your strength and charm!
You can always look Remarkable, Exotic, and Sexy because you know you can afford it. Love for yourself and for the colors. This is your way of expressing yourself.
Choose your favorite color or rainbow from our collection of shades to color your life.
Show Your Colorful Style!

❤ 100% Brazilian hand & machine knitting yarn.
- Lightweight easy to blend with human hair looks Just like natural hair.
- You Can swim with it, washable and reusable.
- Great for Jumbo Braid Senegalese twist, wraps, braids and faux locks, hair extensions. A nice easy way to protect your hair and great to make any DIY project.

❤ - Package includes SET - 6 SKEINS of Natural yarn.
- Hair material: High-Quality low-temperature flame retardant synthetic fiber, easy to ends.
- Weight: 100gr (for each skein) = total weight 600gr.
- Length: 300m. (for each skein) = 1800m.
- Color: 6 pcs Natural Blonde
* If you need tips on how to knit hair, please consult your stylist to get your personal project done the way you want.

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