Provocative Sexy Designer Collection Fetish Body Harness in Sweet Light Pink Color with Pearls, Body Set for Pole Dance, Harness Light Pink Body Set, Sexy Light Pink Harness

€ 22.00
  • Brand: ELESSA
  • Availability: in stock
  • Product code: 0070

Product description

Premium Boutique Sexy Lingerie Collection - Accessory.Delicate seduction, original extravagance arousing pleasure and passion.
It's not just an accessory, it's magnetic charisma.Your Class ... Your Charm and Strength ...You excite the senses!You influence thoughts!Fine details fit perfectly on your body.You look great because you know what to choose!

Provoke yourself and those around you and get something special for you because you deserve it!
We wish you very pleasant pleasures ... * Brand ELESSA

Model: New Set - 4 pieces
Fabric: Slight Stretch 70% Polyester, 30% Elastane
Color: Light Pink
Size: S/M
Regulation: Yes
Elementals: Silver
Technology: Boutique 100% Handmade
Directions: Antiallergic Base
Care: Manual, do not iron
Style: Body Harness

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