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€ 35.00
  • Brand: ELESSA
  • Availability: in stock
  • Product code: 8441

Product description

Realistic wig model for every day or thematic event.
The model is made from a high-quality product that looks spectacular in appearance
and leaves the feeling of real hair.
The accessory has an internal membrane that does not cause allergic reactions to your personal scalp
while wearing the wig.
The model has a comfortable elastic adjustment zone and fits on each head.
You can be confident in yourself and look the best way anytime and anywhere.
The pattern is in a ready-made haircut, but it can be changed if you want.
Place the crown of your attractive new and amazing vision with Brand ELESSA!

Detailed model information:

Length : 11cm
Color : Dark Brown #2
Hair : Synthetic high-temperature fiber
Weight: 90 gr
Size : Universal
Adjustment : With Adjustment
Consumable : The model is available without a net for retrieving your personal hair under the wig.(maybe purchased additionally)
Type : European
Model : Unisex
Stylization : Antistatic
Thermal resistance : 150 * degrees(Celsius)

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