Brazilian Yarn for Braids High-Quality Acrylic wool for Hair Jumbo Braids, Senegalese Twist / Wraps Natural / Knitting Hair, Mens Braids, Braids for men with short hair, Boy Braids, Hot Braided Hairstyles for Men, Box braids Styles for Men, Man Bun Braids

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  • Brand: ELESSA
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  • Product code: 637

Product description

100% Brazilian hand & machine knitting yarn.
- Lightweight easy to blend with human hair looks Just like natural hair.
- You Can swim with it, washable and reusable.
- Great for Jumbo Braid Senegalese twist, wraps, braids and faux locks, hair extensions. A nice easy way to protect your hair and great to make any DIY project.

- Package includes SET - 3 SKEINS of Natural yarn.
- 100% High-Quality Polypropylene Yarn
- Weight: 100gr (for each skein) = total weight 300gr.
- Length: 300m. (for each skein) = total Length 900m.
- Color: Light Grey 

Hair material: High-Quality low-temperature flame retardant synthetic fiber, easy to ends.

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